Ice Cream Freezer

What a wonderful treat to pull out the Ice Cream freezer and whip up a quart or two of delicious homemade ice cream. The choices for flavors abound within your imagination and taste: vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, peach, strawberry, or even peppermint (yummy!)

One of my favorites is Old Fashioned French Vanilla (see the recipe on the second page). But that is for later on in the discussion.

Types of Ice Cream Freezers

There are many different types and sizes of ice cream freezers, but it boils down to two distinct types: manual and electrical. Many aficionados swear by the hand cranked ice cream freezer for the best flavor. I, myself, am lazy. So I use an electrical ice cream freezer – but I finish it off by hand cranking for the last ten to fifteen minutes. (Fifteen is if I can find one of the kids to help!) I think that the hand cranked finish provides the flavor that our family is famous for. Ice cream makers are fun for everyone involved. The kids can hardly wait and the grandparents are tapping their spoons against their bowls.

If you are looking to use an ice cream freezer, make sure that you understand how it works. Nothing could be more disappointing than to wait the 2-3 hours it takes to churn a full gallon of delicious homemade ice cream, only to have it not freeze. You must use a lot of rock salt on the ice as you are packing the ice around the barrow or tube that contains the liquid ice cream and dashers (paddles). Pack it with as few spaces as you can manage. The barrow is where the gift of homemade ice cream is actually churned.

Life is sweet while sitting with your sweetheart, children and/or grandchildren, eating Blackberry homemade ice cream directly from your own ice cream freezer.